Sunday, February 17, 2013

Night Terrors

He can't escape his childhood fears.

He counts his sheep by two's and three's

Aloud, to mask the droning breeze

To keep the shadows all at bay

He sings a song till break of day

Another sleepless night is through

Dear God! Oh what, is he to do?

His tired eyes break into tears

He can’t escape his childhood fears

A sudden movement flashes by

Beyond the corner of his eye

The thin veil of reality

Has broken, setting shadows free

Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Creature

 By: Sara Raymond

They say she came to us from beyond the stars

To bring us the gift of her presence

She is many-eyed, she is, and the colors of them are myriad

Not only can she see left and right

And up and down and near and far,

 But she can see in other directions as well

 She can see inside and out and at all places at once

 She can see what is coming and what has gone,

Long before the rest of us have even heard about its existence

 She sees other things as well that we cannot comprehend

There are epic poems written of her beauty,

 But no one could clearly tell you what she looks like

 All we ever see is her smile

 Teeth like jagged glass

 Though pearly as perfection.

Her smile cuts a heart in two

We would fear her,

 If only the sickening, unnatural love for her would wane.

We are enthralled by her

Though she never leaves her paradise,

 Her tomb, she is seen at all times.

 Though we close our eyes 

She is still there smiling, motionless

She loves us all
 Her love is killing us one by one

"Her smile cuts a heart in two."