Friday, April 19, 2013

The Fall of the Laptop

Is there any moment as heart-wrenchingly awful as when your computer sputters it's final binary breath?

Has my lair been desecrated
From some penalty of pride?
I stand before you, devastated
My laptop, alas, has died

All my plans and machinations
Gone forever with the tide
Lost, are all my scribed frustrations
All because my laptop died

Lost forever in the ether
To my knees I fell and cried,
"Ye Gods! My dreams, my soul take neither!
For this curse, my laptop's died"

As I struggle without WiFi,
Strive to earn my daily bread
I'm starved to pen a tale, but why try?
My computer's cold and dead

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Lady In Waiting

She sits in the corner, subdued and dismayed
irate at the tear in the dress that she made
as she waits for her suitor (she's waited for years)
she sings songs to herself while she holds back her tears
and another year passes, she's gone a bit mad
though she talks to the walls, she'll  now never be sad
and she'll never be lonely, not ever again
 with sanity absent her life can begin

Monday, April 1, 2013

With He

He smiles sweetly through his mask
He bids me drink his golden flask
The smell intoxicating grows
The scent of brandy fire flows
He smiles sweetly through his mask
Again i tell him all I've seen
He laughs aloud, his eyes flash green
His arm entraps my shivering form
His coldness keeps me fully warm
He sees me through his carriage door
Away with he, I ride once more
The drink within me starts to churn
I feel my throat begin to burn
As I fall, choking, to my knees
His laughter echoes in the breeze