Monday, June 10, 2013

The Dreamer

She fell upon the page
Her pen paused momentarily above the blank sheath of paper and then descended with a flurry of furious scratches and whorls. Possessed by the maddening need to rid herself of a decade of demons, she poured herself into the creation. Half words, half random numbers, and a smattering of the odd musical notation sloshed across the page and settled into being. The clever eye would see the pattern that was there and realize it all made one contiguous story. Seven quarter notes was a little girl in a field of bluebonnets, and a nursery rhyme was her one true love hidden behind a tree made of fives and nines. The page became full, brimming with a radiant light and pulsing, wriggling characters. She raised her pen to the air where it danced before her eyes tracing the tale onward. Figures and curly cues squeezed from the pen in glittering violet light. Soon the room was crammed with her own words littered around her, writhing in mid-air. She laughed and tossed the pen high where it froze at the arc and spun slowly. Surrounded by her thriving creations pushing at her from all sides she descended into a dreamy state. She eased herself down and lay upon a new blank, white page. With an ecstatic sigh she shuddered and fell upon the page shattering into words and numbers and half notes.